A 21st century successor to the iconic Routemaster bus, the Routemaster delivers style, practicality, passenger appeal and excellent environmental credentials. It is set to become a modern day global passenger transport icon.

The very distinctive double deck bus is powered by the latest in hybridtechnology and, as well as striking external styling, has a number of features including two staircases, a class leading wheelchair bay and priority seating with space for assistance dogs. It also incorporates a modern take on some of the best loved design elements of the Routemaster – such as grooved flooring on the stairs and entrances, light weight bench seating and, most importantly, the “hop on hop off”rear platform.

Delivering reliability and fuel economy

The hybrid bus answers all the key questions in the search for an innovative approach to encourage the greater use of public transport in urban areas. It is a radical yet practical mode of transport, providing an effective use of road space in a highly environmentally friendly way.

  • A series hybrid system consists of a generator directly coupled to a small, efficient diesel engine, electric drive motor and high voltage battery pack. The engine/generator package operates independently of the motor/driving axle, eliminating the need for a traditional gearbox and enhancing system efficiency
  • The vehicle control system communicates directly with all system controllers, to optimise vehicle performance and maximise fuel efficiency in all road conditions.
  • Start/stop engine technology ensures that the engine only operates when it is required. The vehicle is capable of running on battery only, and during this period the engine is switched off to dramatically reduce fuel consumption and engine emissions